Scottsdale Vein Center was established in 2002 by Mark Lundell, MD, and his wife Deborah.  The Scottsdale Vein Center is the community’s original destination for varicose and spider vein treatment.

Dr. and Mrs. Lundell founded and grew the Center with the conviction that competent patient care and comfort always would remain the priority.  The Center continues operating under Dr. Lundell’s philosophy to provide the best care, using leading edge, minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. Lundell, who earned his MD at the University of Arizona Medical School, in Tucson, as an open heart surgeon, developed techniques and procedures for minimally invasive venous (including endoscopic vein harvesting for bypass surgery) treatment protocols.  His surgical and clinical expertise led to his passion for vein care.

Today Scottsdale Vein Center honors the legacy of Dr. Lundell by continuing the deployment of the latest in venous technologies and protocols practiced by the Center’s Board Certified physicians; specialists in their clinical areas of expertise.  Dr. Lundell was an innovator in vein treatment procedures and Scottsdale Vein Center continues in his legacy.

The Late Mark Lundell, MD

Dr. Lundell was an avid pilot whose love of flight permeated everything he did; including creating the Scottsdale Vein Center’s original logo.  The logo was “nose art,” a term which, unless you are an aviator, might be unfamiliar.  The logo was the nose art of a World War II bomber.  The original logo has been retired but it still is meaningful to the many patients who have trusted the Lundells and the Scottsdale Vein Center for care.

  • Treatments Provided Exclusively by Board Certified Physicians

  • State of the Art Technology

  • Individual Treatment Plans

  • Over Three Decades of Experience

  • Practice Dedicated to Leg and Vein Care

  • Non-Invasive Procedures