Scottsdale Vein Center, the community’s varicose and spider vein treatment center, has served its patients locally since 2002.  The Center provides state of the art treatment, individually customized to the unique needs of each of our patients.

Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment Varicose and spider veins sometimes are not simply cosmetic or esthetic.  At Scottsdale Vein Center, your treatment will be provided only by a Board Certified cardiovascular surgeon.  Starting with your initial consultation, including ultrasound imaging, to the vein treatment itself and follow-up procedures as needed.  Our highly qualified staff of nurses, technicians, and medical assistants work with our surgeons.  They do not replace them….even during your initial consultation. As you compare vein treatment options, please be sure to inquire whether a physician will consult with you:  From the onset of your treatment regimen to its completion and maintenance. During your first visit, a Scottsdale Vein Center surgeon will determine whether your varicose or spider veins require clinical or cosmetic treatment.  In medically necessary cases, Scottsdale Vein Center accepts most major insurance plans and Medicare.  For esthetic (cosmetic) treatment, Scottsdale Vein Center offers affordable payment plans for patients who qualify. Upon completion of your initial consultation, your SVC surgeon will provide a diagnosis, discuss treatment options, and answer all your questions.  You and your surgeon will then develop a plan to eliminate your vein problems.

Other Varicose Vein Treatment: Hemorrhoids Few know it but hemorrhoids are also a form of varicose veins.  According to studies nearly 90% of adults in their lifetime will quietly suffer the itching, pain, and discomfort brought by hemorrhoids.  Patients can end their suffering at Scottsdale Vein Center. Scottsdale Vein Center’s Board Certified Specialist by the American Osteopathic Board of Proctology and the American Board of Laser Surgery, is nationally distinguished for his work in Phlebology and Proctology.  In addition to hemorrhoid treatment, SVC’s physician can treat various colon, rectal, and genital disorders.

  • Treatments Provided Exclusively by Board Certified Physicians

  • State of the Art Technology

  • Individual Treatment Plans

  • Over Three Decades of Experience

  • Practice Dedicated to Leg and Vein Care

  • Non-Invasive Procedures